University of Nigeria


Welcome to the University of Nigeria Alumni Association United Kingdom, also known as UNAA-UK. It is a privilege to have attended, and be called alumni of the University of Nigeria, the first fully autonomous indigenous university in sub-Saharan Africa.

The University of Nigeria Alumni Association United Kingdom (UNAA-UK) was inaugurated on Saturday 16th July 2016 at Waterloo Action Centre, London. UNAA President, Chief Barrister Andrew Oru, came from Nigeria to perform the ceremony.

UNAA-UK is made up of alumni from different walks of life, based in different locations within the United Kingdom, who share a common history as former students of UNN. The Alma Mater has provided the foundational experiences and the rich interpersonal skills that continue to guide members in their daily lives.

The Association serves as the voice for all University of Nigeria alumni in the United Kingdom. The Association’s members are at the heart of the organisation, which fosters interaction among alumni and between alumni and the University.

UNAA-UK is not-for-profit, self-funded, membership-driven organisation. It is expected to offer members variety of ways to stay connected and explore opportunities for building a place in the world. The Association is volunteer-driven.

The Association strives to bring alumni together to support the Alma Mater and also to relate more closely with one another. She is also intended for creating a dynamic space for alumni to maintain a vital presence of the University in their lives, providing endless opportunities for both alumni and the University to find and build their places in a global community.

By connecting with the Alma Mater, the Association strengthens the alumni foundation and the future of the University of Nigeria. When members participate, they help maintain academic excellence, promote pride and loyalty, and protect the value of the University’s degree. In doing so, they help to uphold the motto of the University, “to restore the dignity of man”.